Executive Officers

Charles O’Donnell –

Undergraduate Student Body President

Kate Ostermiller –

Student Body Treasurer

Isabel Tanner –

Communications Director

Hannah Harling – 

Events Director

Julia Kaase

Senator At-Large to the Institution


Gabe Berland –

Undergraduate Student Body Vice President

Grace Ary

Student Body Representative to the Board of Trustees

Emmelia Ashton –


Aidan Hamrick –

Chief of Staff

Gabriella Sias –

Senator At-Large to the Community

Aucklynn Sacco-

Senator At-Large to the Faculty



Governing Body Representatives

Weston Gary –

Board of Student Media Representative

Carter Sutsko –

Board of Student Organizations Representative

Ny’asia Crosley –

Board of Student Organizations Representative

Delaney Lim –

Mines Activities Council Representative

Andrea Armstrong –

Multicultural Engineering Program

Pablo Chang Huang –

International Student Council Representative

Joel Dickinson –

Interfraternity Council Representative

Stephen King –

Panhellenic Council Representative

Andres Saa –

Student Athletic Advisory Committee Representative

Levi Farris

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative 


Chair Positions

Michaela Main –

Student Well-Being Chair

Daniela Solok –

Sustainability Chair

Lynn Sayed –

DI&A Chair

Senior Officers

Jack Egger –

Senior Class President

Mohamed Ibrahim-Shukri –

Senior Class Representative

Isaac Gallegos –

Senior Class Representative

Carson Snow –

Senior Class Representative

Junior Officers


Ben Stern –

Junior Class President

Zaid Safian

Junior Class Representative

Emma Benzie

Junior Class Representative

Jacob Moran

Junior Class Representative


Sophomore Officers

Lauren Brown –

Sophomore Class President

Alex Strong –

Sophomore Class Representative

Nikita Hanov – 

Sophomore Class Representative

Sammuel Koch –

Sophomore Class Representative

First-Year Officers

Daniel Haien –

First-Year Class President

Tearah Kahwili –

First-Year Class Representative

Zuri Alabi  –

First-Year Class Representative

Prince Owusu-Ansah –

First-Year Class Representative


Derek Morgan –

Advisor – Dean of Students

Colin Terry –

Advisor – Assistant VP for Student Life

Alexandra Demopoulos –

Advisor – Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Sheena Martinez –

Assistant VP of Student Life for Equity and Engagement

Mary Elliot –

Director of Residence Life and Housing

Marilynn Gallegos –

Assistant Director of Student Engagement




Undergraduate Student Government