Undergraduate Student

Government (USG)

Undergraduate Student Government at the Colorado School of Mines is the recognized organization that delivers the voice of the student body to the Faculty, Administrators, and the Board of Trustees.

Throughout the year, Student Government works to represent the student voice on a variety of campus committees. Student Government will debate and discuss issues that are pertinent to the students and work to address student concerns.

Student Government regulates all mandatory student fees. These fees are used in a variety of ways to improve campus life.


The mission of the Undergraduate Student Government at the Colorado School of Mines is to facilitate the success of the undergraduate students by actively addressing concerns to improve academics, student life, and student organizations.

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USG Office Hours

Student Body President

Monday’s 8-9 am

Thursday’s 9-10am

Vice President  TBA
Treasurer Monday’s 1-10 am

Tuesday’s 6-7 pm 

Thursday’s 5-6pm

Communications Director  Tuesday’s 12-2 pm
Board of Trustees Representative  Monday’s 8-10 am
At-Large Positions  By Appointment
Senior Class Monday’s and Tuesday’s 4-5 pm
Junior Class Friday’s 12-1 pm
Sophomore Class  Friday’s 1-2 pm
Freshman Class TBA

** All officer office hours are held in the USG office or Periodic Table in the Student Center, unless stated otherwise

Senate Meetings

Spring 2020 Senate will take place every Tuesday at 7:00pm in Green Center Petroleum Hall. All fee paying students are welcome to attend to voice their ideas, concerns, and feedback.

Other Meetings

Spring Joint Meeting (GSG + USG):


Allocations Meetings (during senate meeting): 

Meeting times will be announced Spring 2020

Undergraduate Student Government