Legislative Branch


Senators and Legislative Branch

The senate serves as the legislative branch of the Undergraduate Student Government and their purpose is to advance the interests and promoting the welfare of Mines and its students through initiatives including town halls, listening sessions, passing legislative bills or resolutions, tabling events and programming related to student needs. Senators act as the formal representative of the student body’s interests to Mines faculty, staff, leadership, and greater Golden community. Senators are open to meet during senate or at the listed office hours.

USG Senate is your place to voice feedback about the issues that matter most to you on campus. Our meetings are open to all Colorado School of Mines undergraduate students. During Fall 2024, we meet Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 pm in Marquez 235. Meeting minutes are also published 24 hours after session.

Accessibility questions or concerns, please email usg@mines.edu.



Meet your Representatives


Senior Class Representatives



Christian Denton

Senior Class President



Runeem Al-Abssi

Senior Class Representative



Bryce Walsh

Senior Class Representative



Marco Tang

Senior Class Representative



Junior Class Representatives



Lauren Brown 

Junior Class President



Grace Hernandez

Junior Class Representative




Junior Class Representative




Junior Class Representative



Sophomore Class Representatives



Daniel Haien

Sophomore Class President



Prince Owusu-Ansah

Sophomore Class Representative


Tearah Kahwili

Sophomore Class Representative


Zuri Alabi

Sophomore Class Representative


First Year Class Representatives

Information on First Year Elections will be available at the start of the Fall 2024 semester. 




First Year Class President




First Year Class Representative



First Year Class Representative



First Year Class Representative


Senators at Large

Senators at Large are individuals who are connected to larger groups and communities both in and outside of Mines. At Larges serve as aids to elevate student voices in those communities and update the senate on relevant information. 



Elizabeth Prescott

Senator At-Large to the Institution



Emily Abbott

Senator at Large to the Community



Mikhaila Powers

Senator At-Large to the Faculty




Chairs are individuals whose work primarily focuses on connecting with students, departments, staff, and the community on areas that students want to be more engaged with.

Aucklynn Sacco

Student Wellness Chair

Lynn Sayed

Diversity, Inclusion, and Access Chair




Sustainability Chair



Governing Body Representatives

Governing Body Representatives serve as liaisons between USG and their respective Governing Body. These Senators are voting members and play a crucial role in allowing us to support students across a network of areas. 

Weston Gary –

Board of Student Media Representative

Carter Sutsko –

Board of Student Organizations Representative

Ny’asia Crosley –

Board of Student Organizations Representative

Delaney Lim –

Mines Activities Council Representative

Lauren Baughman-

Multicultural Engineering Program

Misheel Shijir

International Student Council Representative

Joel Dickinson –

Interfraternity Council Representative

Megan Moro –

Panhellenic Council Representative

Andres Saa –

Student Athletic Advisory Committee Representative

Levi Farris

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative 





Marilynn Gallegos

Assistant Director for Student Engagement





Derek Morgan

Dean of Students

Office of Student Life



Undergraduate Student Government